Undercarriage parts, rollers etc

Undercarriage parts, rollers etc


The pallet series is designed for all applications from difficult runs to standart ones. UCASLAR will meet all your needs and will try to help in every way. Our shoes, which we can supply thanks to our special steels and engineering heat treatments, meet the highest performance standards by reducing wear! UCASLAR also has all the quality standard certificates.

UCASLAR supplies shoes for all types of mining machines, from standard to special applications and others. All chains have been developed in accordance with the standards by Dec R&D department together with our experts.

Comfortable and best materials, new geometries and special heat treatments on all components (pins, bushings and connections) guarantee maximum efficiency and longer wear life!


In order to achieve the best performance and efficiency of the undercarriage components, the upper and lower rollers should allow the chain to work optimally in all conditions. The correct movements for the chain will be carried out with the best materials, processes and mechanical processes applied to high rules and standards.

UCASLAR uses the same strict criteria for cylinders for all kinds of applications and environments to meet all the needs of our customers.


Ongoing research on UCASLAR gears, rings, segments has led to results that significantly reduce wear and costs. To achieve the best results, we use special formulas, which are proceeded by our staff.


UCASLAR can manufacture and supply high quality idlers, strong details are in strength and wear resistance. UCASLAR voltage groups are also very efficient even in very harsh environments.


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