Bogie Pins Group

Bogie Pins Group

UCASLAR Bogie Pins carry the quality and durability resulting from company's 60 years of experience. The production of our Bogie pins has been carried out for more than 25 years and continues to increase. It is suitable for working in all conditions and climatic features, even extreme ones. They have proven themselves in our country and in various regions of the world.

It is essential to use Mechanical Seals (Duo-Cone Seals) in the production of Bogie Pins. The three-dimensional mechanical seals are leveled with high attention and measurement accuracy. During the use of mechanical seals, the lubed surfaces constantly renew themselves.  This process, which is repeated during the use of the product in the machine, is a direct factor that increases the service life of the product.

UCASLAR Bogie pins are available to users;

- Longer Service Life

- Self-Renewing Mechanical Seal Sealing Surfaces

- Oil Leakage Tests Performed Separately for Each Product

- Life Test and Performance Guarantee

- Normal Use and Extreme Hot-Cold Use Choices


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