Depending on the sizes, The UCASLAR Cast Products are either hand molded by utilizing the resin sand or produced the most recent and widely reputed technologically advanced molding machinery. The quality of the products is therefore effectively controlled throughout the casting process.


  • Mining Equipment
  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Automotive


UCASLAR has worked with many an OEM-Client on numerous prototype, design change and even existing projects.

With over 40 years of knowlege in specialized material, UCASLAR offers you material consultancy as part of the initial sample process.

According to pre-determined requests, we are here to assist you, whether it be in selecting substitute materials to optimize cost saving, to increase strength and resistance or enhancing the quality of your design.

Additional Services

  • Material Selection Consultancy
  • Substitute Material Selection Consultancy

Carbon & Alloy Steels

  • Carbon Steel
  • Low & Medium Alloy Steels
  • High Alloy Steel

Impact Resistant Steels

  • High Manganese Hadfield Type Steels

Abrasive Resistant Steels

  • High Chromium Alloys
  • Medium Alloy Steels/High strength steels

Heat Resistant Steels

  • High Chromium Series
  • Cr-Ni Alloy Series
  • Castıng Techniques

Ferrous Alloys Sand Casting

  • Green Sand
  • Resin Sand

Non Ferrous Alloys Sand Casting

  • Green Sand
  • Resin Sand