Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control
Quality Control
Quality Control

UCASLAR places exceptional value and importance on quality with a no exception policy!

It is therefore that we thrive on transparent communication regarding the immaculate way we demand and conduct quality tests for UCASLAR Products.

As machining of all Ucaslar products take place in UCASLAR Machining Facility, Ucaslar is able to keep hands on control over all quality procedures as of the moment that we receive material to be machined to the moment that it is shipped.

Quality comes at a price, but low quality ends up being more risky at a much higher possible expense. A high quality, durable product pays for itself every time it is used.



CAD/CAM Programs sets the foundation for all UCASLAR Engineering and Product-related Studies. By using these machining simulations UCASLAR is enabled to identify, control and prevent any possible design and quality related problems in advance of the machining process.

CAD/CAM Solid Works not only enables Ucaslar to share an ubundance of required information with The UCASLAR Clients, but also:

  • lowers costs
  • increases productivity
  • accelerates production
  • shortens order-to-completion time

For a more in-detail description of how we use the program for quality and design purposes, please click on the following link: "ENGINEERING"


UCASLAR high quality Chain of Suppliers are painstakingly hand picked based on quality and efficiency. Ucaslar has been working closely with our suppliers for many years and have founded deeply grounded business relations with each one of them.

Although the quality of the recieved products remain undeniably high, Ucaslar takes it upon ourselves to expose all received products to on-receival quality inspection in accordance to UCASLAR Quality Policy.

All material to be used in production passes through a very stringent set of metallurgical and mechanical tests. These include:

  1. Raw material (stainless steel, aluminium, copper, round bar material, etc)
  2. Parts provided by the supplier companies (Cast, Forged, Heat Treated, etc)
  3. Other consuming material necessary for production.

Before in house machining processes may commense, the received products must meet or exceed all stipulated product specifications. Received products therefore undergo pre-determined tests accordingly. Once all quality processes have been passed, the parts will be released for the CNC Machining Operation.



With respect to client requirements, all parts produced by UCASLAR are subject to pre-determined final inspection. All parts are subject to inspection both visually and dimensionally for final approvement before the shipment processes may commence.


For further quality control, all approved UCASLAR Products will be treated and packed according to strict Ucaslar/Client Packaging Specification. UCASLAR Products are packed to optimize shipment space and save you space & money, all the while providing optimum protection.


3D Coordinate Measuring Machinery (CMM x... y... z... dimensions)

Surface Hardness Testing Machinery

Microvickers Hardness Testing Machinery

Surface Roughness Testing Machinery

Sircularity Testing Machinery

Optical Surface Flatness Cntrol Devices

  • Lapped surfaces


  • Micrometers
  • Calipers
  • Height Gages
  • Bore Gages