OEM and Aviation

OEM and Aviation

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) usually refers to the companies that carry out the design and production of a product. In the aviation sector, OEM includes companies that produce aircraft, helicopters, engines, avionics (flight electronics) and other aviation components.

The aviation sector needs high standarts. In this industry OEM design and manufacture aircraft, engines, avionics systems, seats, fuselages and other components. OEM also provides these products to their customers, such as airline companies and other organizations.

OEMs in the aviation industry are often subject to complex regulations and safety standards. Therefore, OEMS has to comply with high standards regarding the safety, durability and performance of the products that produced. For this reason, OEM organization has to produce high-quality products and constantly invest in R&D. Dec.

The leading OEMs in the aviation industry offer a wide range of products to airlines and other aviation industry customers around the world.

The following pictures can show some of the products produced by UCASLAR for OEM sector.