Bogie assy group

Bogie assy group

UCASLAR Bogie Majors absorb the impacts of your track-type tractors and dozers on rough terrain and roads, reducing and distributing the weights that put pressure on the undercarriage and chassis. The machine provides a pressure reduction at various rates according to your type and models. We have reached a world-accepted level in Bogie groups and we continue to progress.

The Bogie Majors which you will see below are some examples of UCASLAR production.


UCASLAR Bogie Majors are offered to you in a wide range for Front-Middle and Rear Caterpillar ®and Komatsu ® brands. You can visit our store for the details of these products and the original numbers in our production.

We recommend that you visit our website and our store frequently, taking shelter in your understanding. You ask why? Because of; we are not standing still. We continue to add new product R&D and Bogie Groups for Caterpillar ® and Komatsu®.

UCASLAR listens to you as well as manufacturing with OEM quality and dimensions. We are with you in our reverse engineering, drawing, models and molds works in line with your demands.

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