Transmission, Torque and Power Transfer Group

Transmission, Torque and Power Transfer Group

The transmission and its components, supporting these systems are the most mobile, directional and accelerated parts of working machines. As UCASLAR, our main goal is to provide transmission parts that will ensure optimal performance, durability, high quality and maximum efficiency of your working machine.

Transmission parts that you will see below as examples:

  • Shafts and transmission shafts, articulated fork shafts,
  • Transmission group and parts,
  • Clutch and transmission groups and parts,
  • Differential parts,
  • Torque Gears,
  • Propellers, supports and valves.

One of the most important parts and groups of power units are spare parts of the gearbox. Shafts and pins, hinges and couplings, transmission units must transmit the engine power of your working machine to all running units in the same order. Knowing the importance of this issue, our company offers products that can work without problems.

The torque groups and the production of finished products of this group are the details of the working machine, indicating the technical development of the manufacturer. Stators, impellers, rotors, ring and side gears and pins in harmony increase the engine power on the torque converter and transmit it to the engine of your working machine.


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