Light group

Light group

UCASLAR Caterpillar®, Komatsu®, JCB®, Volvo® far-lamp and lighting equipment, electrical system parts offer a wide range of different brands and models. 

All electrical products are manufactured to work in the most demanding environments in order to guarantee proper working conditions with the safety of your vehicle and you as well. All electrical parts allow you to get the most accurate results for the measurements you need. We manufacture these products using high temperature and first flame resistant cables, wires, copper and strong windings. 

Our product range of all types of headlights, lamps, warning lights, light bulbs is manufactured to meet the priority products needed for your bsiness machine. All this group of products included in the scope of optical devices, as well as glass and mirrors of these products, provide the most optimal level of light output, resistance to difficult weather conditions, vibration, shock, dust, UV, etc.


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