Fuel System Parts

Fuel System Parts

UCASLAR has a wide range of additional products for the fuel systems of working machines.

Below are some examples of the production of fuel lines, fuel system parts and filters. Along with this, UCASLAR is a representative of the Italian company Disa, which has been producing fuel injection systems and other diesel engine parts for 80 years.


  • Fuel transfer pumps,

  • Injectors,

  • Parts for repair of injectors,

  • Fuel pipes,

  • Fuel System Details

  • Filters.

UCASLAR fuel pumps are tested for the most efficient operation for transferring fuel from the tank to the fuel injection system.

Manual pumps are user-controlled pumps, before turning the ignition key, which also support systems experiencing clogging. Our pumps, which are powered by the system after the ignition switch cycle, help protect fuel injection systems with water-separating fuel filters and ensure continuous operation of the working machine.

Our fuel pipes are put into operation in all types of leakproofness, connection and pressure tests to maintain the smooth operation of the entire fuel line. Three-layer fuel pipes are made by cold drawing from steel materials that are most suitable and closest to OEM standards. The cold drawing process increases the strength of the fuel lines, which leads to excellent quality of the inner and outer surfaces. 


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