Fan group

Fan group

As UCASLAR, we have a wide production range in terms of metal-plastic and variable-direction cooling propellers for Caterpillar® and Komatsu® Construction Equipment.


  • Metal Propellers,
  • Plastic Propellers,
  • Reverse propellers that can change direction.

Our Steel Propellers provide smooth, continuous air intake for your machine with the most rational flexing rates and maintain balance with the least vibration.

Our heavy-duty composite material fans weigh less than half the weight of steel, and this reduces wear on mechanical drive systems, eliminating breakdowns and the resulting downtime. Due to the optimized blade design for airflow, the composite fan can be more efficient than steel. Therefore, a composite fan can produce more air movement with less energy. Composite fans are resistant to rust and work quieter than metal fans.

A reversible fan helps with airflow cleaning, which contributes to optimal cooling and longer vehicle life in highly dusty environments. 

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