Engine parts

Engine parts

UCASLAR engine parts are presented at your service with the most delicate measurements and accuracy. Our company will supply the best parts for the heart of your machine. UCASLAR also supportes the production of engine parts with the help of imported products from the American company Inerstate-McBee, which produces engine parts, using the most advanced technologies in the world.


  • Intermediate engine decks,
  • Pistons and kits and seals,
  • Liners,
  • Valves and Springs,
  • Eccentric Shafts,
  • Seals,
  • Gaskets and Felt sets,
  • Spacers under the cylinder head.

And all the Caterpillar® engine parts you might need.

-Engine Spacer Plates are used between the cylinder block and the cylinder head and are designed to reduce stress and pressure on the flange and prevent cracks/breakage. They are used between the cylinder block and the cylinder head.The engine plates must be replaced when repairing and servicing the engine or when disconnecting the cylinder head from the engine.

UCASLAR engine spacer plates:

  • Come with a tolerance of exact parallelism,
  • This is the flexibility of production, meeting the customers' requirements for thick/low thickness of the product and modification,
  • Standard product quality assurance processes,
  • Excellent quality of the final product,
  • Higher productivity, long and efficient service life of your machines and engines.

-Based on how important the pistons are, which are one of the most demanding and working parts in construction machinery, UCASLAR has aimed to maximize its specially manufactured aluminum, iron and steel alloy pistons in terms of durability, efficiency and engine protection. UCASLAR has supported its product range with McBee products in the piston variety.

-UCASLAR Piston Liners are manufactured from the high quality raw materials and components. Our liners are protected by a coating with a special formula to withstand difficult conditions. Liners are subjected to heat treatment to ensure strength and durability.

-UCASLAR Valves, Springs and Engine Bearings are manufactured under very strict production rules and the most precise dimensional parameters to provide you with the most reliable products with a wide range of products. The precise and accurate material affects the working performance and reliability of these products from the very beginning.


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