Brake Group

Brake Group

The powertrain and the components that support these systems are the parts of the construction machinery that move the most, change direction and remain under acceleration.  UCASLAR offers you high quality products with the best technology, taking into account the sunday conditions. Our main goal as a Trio is to provide power transmission parts that are durable, high quality and provide optimal performance that maximizes the efficiency of your work machine. We deliver our products for important brands such as Caterpillar®, Komatsu®, Volvo®, Liebherr® and Kawasaki through the strictest controls and tests.


  • Brake Groups and Parts,

  • Shaft and Transmission Shafts, Knuckle-Fork, Astavroz,

  • Transmission groups and parts,

  • Clutch and Transmission groups and parts,

  • Compressors, Actuator starters,

  • Differential Parts,

  • Brake Discs, discs with a wide range of uses,

  • Torque groups and parts and gears,

  • Propellant Impeller and propellers, carriers and valves,

As UCASLAR we are trying to provide you with every spare part you need for the maintenance and repairs of your complete brake systems and groups of your work machines. These products are rigorously inspected to ensure pedestrian and construction machine operator safety. From brake shoes to discs, actuators to valves, pads to pressure plates, we have a variety of products that we can't count all at once.

One of the most important parts of powertrain systems are transmission spare parts. Shafts and pins, joints and screws, clutch and transmission group parts must transfer the power from the engine of your work machine to all walking parts in an orderly manner.

Torque groups and the production of finished products belonging to this group are work machine parts that indicate the development of a manufacturer in a technical sense. Stators, impellers, rotors, ring and side gears, pinions and pins harmoniously transfer the power generated in the engine to the engine of your construction machine by increasing it in the torque converter.

Torque groups, which are an important part of your construction equipment transmission, allow you to keep your engine active, provide more thrust when accelerating at the same time, which ultimately allows you to have more control over the movements of your machine.


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