As Ucaslar was established in 1960 as a re-furbishing company for Caterpillar® machines, the demand for cost-effective replacement spare parts grew. It is therefore that Ucaslar took the initiative to not only supply demand, but also high quality replacement parts. We are proud to say that today over 60% of Ucaslar's annual manufacturing is for OEM Clients. It is Ucaslar's goal to see even further growth in the OEM Industry.

With Ucaslar Aftermarket Division's focus on Caterpillar® and Komatsu® machines for the Earthmoving and Mining Industries and Exporting to over 25 countries worldwide, Ucaslar not only achieves the defined quality specifications, but has established long running deeply founded business relations.


High Quality Manufactured:

  • Aftermarket Mining Equipment Replacement / Spare Parts
  • Aftermarket Earthmoving Equipment Replacement / Spare Parts



Our products are of the highest quality available today. Innovative solutions and continual research make us stand out in a highly competitive fast paced market. Our primary mission is to provide the industry with quality solutions for the parts that we offer. To achieve that goal, we work closely with each client to better understand the unique challenges involved.

Each and every single product manufactured by Ucaslar receives a numerical engraving. This code enables Ucaslar to track each part individually throughout the production process. Each Ucaslar product is therefore tracked even after sales and when assembled for any further inquiries.


  • Ucaslar Machining Capasity:1600 tons per year
  • Machinable Weight: Up to 800kg
  • Cast Product Weight: 0.5kg - 20 000kg.



By meticulously selecting only the very best raw material suppliers and demanding, without the slightest hesitation, replacement of any sub-standard materials we can guarantee that the quality of our products is defined from the very beginning of the manufacturing process.

  • Cast
  • Forged
  • Raw Round Bar Material
  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Etc


The Ucaslar high quality Chain of Suppliers are painstakingly hand picked based on quality and efficiency.


As Ucaslar has been an impressible presence in the Turkish Caterpillar® & Komatsu® After Market Spare Parts Industry, Ucaslar was able to build some of the deepest grounded business relationships with the most trusted local suppliers in their field. Ucaslar has built an unbreakable trust with our clients throughout the years and it is beacuse of this trust in our quality that they trust our judgement. Instead of visiting each and every manufacturer one by one and sifting through the masses, they started requesting trade as an additional service through Ucaslar.

We therefore use our local knowlege on manufacturers to offer you products that we do not manufacture in The Ucaslar Machining Shop, but are able to outsource on request.

The Ucaslar Suppliers are hand picked from widely trusted local manufacturers. As they have delivered quality products throughout the years, we insist on not changing these suppliers, but choose to support them into the future.

If there is thus a product that Ucaslar does not manufacture, but that you wish to obtain, please do not hesitate inquiring.

We look forward to solving any product-related urgency.


Ucaslar makes sure that these suppliers have all obtained ISO 9001-2008


Unlike most Aftermarket Spare Parts manufacturers, Ucaslar uses CAD/CAM Programs which sets the foundation for all Ucaslar Engineering and Product-related Studies.

By using these programs, Ucaslar is enabled to give meticulous attention to detail for the design of Aftermarket Products. These programs not only assist us in the reverse engineering process, but enables Ucaslar to identify, control and prevent any possible design and quality related problems in advance of the machining process.

CAD/CAM Solid Works not only enables Ucaslar to share an ubundance of required information with The Ucaslar Clients, but also:

  • lowers costs
  • increases productivity
  • accelerates production
  • shortens order-to-completion time


Reverse Engineering

“All manufacturer's names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only.”